Hazrat Muhammad SAWW

HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAWW was the only one person who fill the world with peace ,mercy , forgiveness and humanity. He totally changed the meanng of life which was exist in old era of ignorance. he taken a important role in every aspects of life.But the emigration we talk about this prophet.It is the emigration of human beings which has not been born on the horror, which is the history of mankind’s greatest sincerity,
Humility, and sadness, which taught humans the fall of life. Who has a color vessel
Comoria, which collected all the humans on one religion, one religion, and another system, and only
Appropriate year of year.The atmosphere in which the eyes of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw the whole world, especially the Arabs and the Christians
Religiously, there was a wall. Immigrants’ Bicycles and Palexic Life are in the past
The bright lamp remains. Truth and trust are as Amin was called by the name of Divine.In the struggle, a great revolution took place and political, economic, economic
Starting the point of departure from real peacekeepers. Today we are in front of you
They will offer immigrants and their progeny to immigration:

Seeing a person whose beauty came to light, he shouted brightly
The moral, the nature of the body, the body is not fat, not weak, beautiful and soft
Towon, Deep Trip, Deep Things, Raise The Voice, But
Do not be afraid, the hair just goes to the couch, neck the neck, saddle
If you were silent, you would not have been able to speak
Around the distance is manually talked, explicit words, by language to conversation
The beast of the dead is hungry, the one who gives birth to it to him
They kept waiting, served it, obeyed him
Do not cry, but not hard words.

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