Hazart Imam Ali as

Ali (A.S) the son-in-law and cousin of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said about him that Ali (A.S) is from me and i’m from Ali (A.S). Ali (A.S)  were known as the Lion of Allah! This name is given by Allah in Holy Quran , Allah said him Asad -ull -Allah! Its meaning that the Lion of Allah and the other place Allah say about him

Yadullah! Its meaning that the Hand of Allah.

He is only one person who is denoted by his bravery. Many researches are doing place in respects of Hazrat Ali (A.S). A philosopher and a christian researchers was spend his whole of his life of 50 years in Research of Hazrat Ali (A.S). He asked about why you don’t research on an other personality, he replied! i have never seen noble person as Hazrat Ali (A.S)!

                    “I think no one is deserving for research in my perception like as Hazrat Ali (A.S).”

A simple saying of  HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) on Huja-Tul-Widda about him that.

” The way i am the master of whoes as that way of Ali (A.S) also master of them”


Ali (A.S) is the person who were from the banu Quraish, banu Quraish were the tribe belong to gentle family of siblings of Ibraheem as.  Just by one resource your lineage link by holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). He was geneology by Muhammad (S.A.W.W) son of ibn e Abdu-Allah Who was son of Abdul-Matlib ,as that way Hazrat Ali (A.S) son of Abdul Matlib as.

His father Abu-Talib (A.S) were the foster of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W), and his mother Fatima(S.A) daughter of Asad AS  Fatima Bint e Asad were also belongs to honorer family  say as bani ha-shim. Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) were apprehend to her like his mother.


When the holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) were about thirty year old , Hazrat Ali as were born in Khana Kaba’h on 13 Rajab 30 A’am ul Fel. On that arrival of Hazrat Ali as , Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) were became very happy on this occasion. May be that sign pointed to power of truth as well as Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W)’s hand.


The procreation of Hazrat Ali as directed undertaken by Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W). Holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) giving his precious time for acknowledgment and debonair training of Hazrat Ali as with great love and attention. After that his precious training Hazrat Ali as’s knowledge like as Hazrat Muhammad saww. He was the first testifying of

prophet-hood of holy Muhammad (S.A.W.W) when he was just as ten year old. Hazrat Ali (A.S) was truly In word one of the most knowledgeable and intellectual person in world.

The lion of Allah can made you a better person by his quotation. such as

“the world can not defeat you until you accept the defeat.”



Trust in Allah but! It does not mean that you don’t do struggle for any work,Do not worry about your work and feel free on the level of God and keep in mind. He has to do also for us, he does not need any resources. but people with trusted of Allah do it by themselves.

For example, before you Holy Prophet Muhammad  (S.A.W.W) leave the house, Ali (A.S) himself Call on the bed or so that the enemy feels Holy Prophet Muhammad sleep in stead of Ali as.


Keep in mind the issue of migration only in full privacy
Know some people who directly follow on plan.

When Ali (A.S) were 10 year old then Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W ) were practically accredited on share message of Allah, This is called ba’esaat. There no body with Hazrat Muhammad (S.W.W.W) but Ali (A.S) on the achievement which was against that society ,city,his nation and their family.

When Hazart Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was claim of Prophet-hood, then this were Ali (A.S) who made it confirmation and profess Muhammad (S.A.W.W)’s faith.


As Hazrat Muhammad SAWW litigated of Prophet-hood ,every single particle become enemy of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. Those people who appreciated  the truth and depositor of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW they became started to called you  names of sorcerer and loony etc NA. On their way they spread the lids, stones hit upon you and throw on you garbage.

At that drastic time a child was with every trouble of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, and his name were Hazar Ali AS.This were bad condition  that every person have to very near by the death. In that time abu-Talib as were close him their family with Hazrat Muhammad SAWW fettered in fort of mountain.

So Hazrat Abu Talib as take this way  that he do not sleept the holy prophet SAWW on one bed. all though infrequent Jafir as on bed of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and Holy Prophet SAWW on the bed of Aqeel , Rasool SAWW on bed of Jafir AS and Hazrat Ali AS bed of Holy Prophet  Muhammad SAWW. It meaning that if enemy attack on bed of holy prophet saww then  so ever my son martyred in stead of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW this policy were attempt for life of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. As that way Hazrat Ali AS were repeated again and again the in infatuated and devotedness  practically.


Wedding of Hazrat Ali AS:

When hazrat muhammad was reached in madinah he saww done his first work that he weds his loving daughter  hazrat fatima saww with hazrat ali as. hazrat muhammad loves and respect his daughter  hazrat fatma sa as that way the prophet of allah stand up in respect of his respective daughter when his daughter came in house of prophet saww. 

every person wants to merry with respective daughter of hazrat muhammad saww , two or more person also given message of proposal for hazrat fatima to hazrat muhammad saww sa but hazrat muhammad saww were refused as hazrat ali as made for hazrat fatima sa so he saww said that without out permission of allah i never permit an acceptance to any proposal. this were the first hijri of his saww migration when hazrat muhammad saww chose to given the respect to hazrat ali as and then this wedding happen doing happen with simplicity. the superior and world of islam don’t gven any dowry from holy prophet saww. this was the mahir of hazrat fatima sa which were brought from hazrat ali as and seel out by this money some cargo were purchased for daily use. 


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