Big Example Of Devotedness Of Hazrat Ali AS

A time has come! when Hazrat Muhammad SAWW were lost his beloved uncle Abu Ta-lib father of Hazrat ALI AS on baa’esat. on the devout uncle’s death , the Holy Prophet Muhammad saww broken his heart and they decided to migrate from Makkah.

Enemy of hoy Prophet SAWW decided to martyred the Holy Prophet SAWW and they all thought a plan that one night they were gather on the house arround the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW and beset the home. when this intimations knew the Holy Prophet SAWW then he SAWW call to loyal brother Hazrat Ali A.S and told him you can save my life at that moment if you sleep on my bed and my blanket tonight. let me think if one common man think that he must be fear to hear and follow this.. but that were Hazrat Ali lion of Allah who heard to became happy by this way i’m selected for safe of life of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW at that curel and difficult stage.

This were gift of hazrat Muhammad for hazrat Ali A.S to devoted his life for hazrat Muhammad SAWW. That way they going Makkah to Madina at mid-night. This were Hazrat Ali A.S who sleep on the bed of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. Your enemy of blood arround their house with naked sword and wait for morning to martyred the Holy Prophet SAWW. Hazrat Ali A.S were very satisfied and rest on the bed of holy prophet Muhammad SAWW with no care of his life for devotedness.

when enemy of holy prophet Muhammad SAWW were became arrived then they realized that on the bed of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW , Hazrat Ali A.S were sleeping and there were not Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW here but Ali A.S. They became stress on Hazrat Ali AS that he told about holy Prophet SAWW, where is Holy Prophet SAWW? Hazrat Ali A.S refused to tell him with bravery. In result Hazrat Muhammad SAWW reached at safe place far from makkah without any hesitation and restriction. Hazrat Ali A.S were lived about three days in makkah and return the consign of people of Makkah. They also going to Madina with women of family of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW.

after passing many days reached at Madna to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWW as like their feet were bleed cause of day and journey .by this event that were proven ,in view of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW! Hazart Ali A.S were most trusted person by his loyality , bravery and most important devoutness which were Hazrat Ali A.S fulfill his duty with responsibility . so we can say its a big example of devotedness.

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