Holy Muhammad SAWW were kindest, merciful personailty of the world

The human is very conscious to finding their right path.He want to become more knowledgeable,  but with the passage of time he failed to find any exact path. As we say about the soul of Islam. His life considered as the complete quality and scope for human being. This thing is not as necessary of that era of  Arabs but it is need of all region in all era of life in each part of world existed at all.

But the main issue is our youth who don’t know about their kindest personality and they are not serious for Islam and their responsibilities as Muslim. This is our duty to learn about the Islam more accurately. The character of holy prophet Muhammad saw w was very great in privilege of Islam. His character was complete MODEL for Humanity and debonair.

1: The holy prophet Muhammad saw w was gather the all kind of people on one plate form.

2:He said help the poor and give the rights to salves.

3: If one man doing any mistake don’t punish him and forgive him as soon as possible.

4: On Hujatul wida he said! fear to Allah about slaves and women rights.

5: He don’t like anger and proud. He told about these things are most abhor able in view of Allah.

6: One day a companion of holy prophet saw w pull up a children of sparrow from their nest when   Prophet of Allah saw this  , He order to him to return this child to their nest. He always said keep pity on birds.

7: He lead a very simple life. He eat simple food and wear simple dress as well as he live in simple home.

8: His most preference on good debonair. He always said that ,I sent to world for making good debonair.

9: He was king of Arab but he don’t like to called himself as king or Ameer one day a man came for his work become shuddered.
The holy prophet Muhammad saw w said to him BE YOURSELF! I’M NOT  A KING! i know i’m her son who were  eat  an Arabic dish, Sureed (sobat) , a simplest dish! .

Its were meaning don’t get pressurized i’m simple human like you.

10: He was preferred his work by self as he sew his laces of shoes by himself. he do his each and every work himself.

a British philosopher wrote his words!

“In the whole of history  NO ONE IS EXEMPLARY AS HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBHH as they doing three duty on one time! such as one duty of his , they become a founder of his nation.”

He was the first personality the Holy Muhammad saw w Who give them sense of livings to all Muslim so this is our duty we should obey him.

Forty years have passed away . ‘Amen’ arrives and fills the world on the Prophet hood.
It is done. For three years in the past, with the privacy and secretly, they silently continued to invite the people to islam. After 40 year of his age Allah Said to holy prophet saw w.
O Prophet! Announce religion of the truth. Use method for the invitation to Islam,

He started his journey in very critical situation such as all people of their tribe become enemy after preaching of Islam but they also believe inside the holy prophet Muhammad saw w don’t say any lie before his life but they were worship the idol and they don’t want to leave it. So they decided that they will not accept the new religion which was that ALLAH and their companion Holy prophet Muhammad saw w are one.There is no God but Allah and Holy Muhammad saw w is last prophet of Allah.

This becomes of his kind of hobbies of nightmare , on the hill, in the shades, miles in the miles, He Call on the people of God to Islam.

But if you think, the whole tribe of the nation would head in front of 260 idols, whenever they asked people to idol
Abandon worship So the enemy seemed to be back, called you crazy and goddess.

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